February brought us a brand new feature pack (FP3), with a vast array of bug fixes and User Experience improvements:

  • If a user has view permissions for a child folder (or a grandchild folder) but does not have view permissions to the parent folder, they can now “navigate through” the parent folder, without seeing any of the files contained within the parent folder, or seeing any of the other child folders they don’t  have permission to.
  • Title Block Changes – In Step 5 of the project setup, you can now define a list of Document Types (based on PAS 1192/BS 1192) which require title block changes. When these types of documents are being sent for promotion from Shared > Published areas, a task will be assigned to upload versions of the files with the titleblocks amended. Once this task is complete, the files will be sent for approval to Published. Whilst documents are awaiting amendment, they cannot be edited or modified.
  • New Task count for Titleblock Amendments
  • Users can now be a part of multiple companies simultaneously (i.e. sub contractors)
  • UX Improvements:
    • Titleblock amendment task types cannot be overridden
    • Green ticks and red xs for the files within a titleblock amendment task
    • If a file is awaiting amendment, there is a link to the task in question (opens in a new tab)
    • More advanced permissions around deleting and completing tasks
    • Promoting titleblock files and non-titleblock files simultaneously
    • Advanced search now has a filter for documents “Awaiting Amendment”

March also brings a haul of new features and improvements with Feature Pack 4 (FP4):

  • Ghost copies of files:  If a file in Published needs revised or changed, a new version or revision is create and the document moves back to suitability S0 (Work In Progress). The previous version (~C1) will now remain in Published so that stakeholders can still access the information.
  • Client User Groups: In step 4 of the Project Setup, groups can now be tagged as “Client” groups, this means users within this group won’t see documents below S3 in the Shared area.
  • Upload permissions above View permissions: If a group has update permissions to a folder but can’t view Work In Progress or the folder itself, they will now be able to access the upload screen to contribute information to Work In Progress / the folder, without necessarily being able to see it
  • Parsing BIM names has become more strict, we now check the number of tags, and the format of the first 5 tags in the BS 1192 naming convention.
  • The Admin > Manage Users screen has been given a complete re-write in modern front-end technology AngularJS, improving the experience and resolving issues
  • Users who have not yet confirmed their account on sherlayer can now have the invitation email resent (the admin will see a button beside the “Reset password” button on Admin > Manage users)
  • The File History window now takes into account the Ghosted files work, and if you have the correct permissions to view/download files in Work In Progress, you will be given a link to the newer version of the document
  • UX Improvements:
    • Ghosted files will appear checked out for editing until the new version becomes approved back to its original suitability
    • Files now have a “Delete” option for administrators on the single file menu (More…)
    • Third party contributors can now upload to child, grandchild and lower levels of folders
    • Uploading existing files now displays the full BIM and non bim name, as opposed to just the BIM File Number
    • Loading the File Vault and selecting folders has been massively sped up and optimized
    • Communications: The author will now see the appropriate View/Download links when viewing any communications they previously created
    • When viewing a federated model, the models now show more accurately
    • Resons for files being rejected now shows within the Alerts area, the UX has been slightly improved in this area also
    • Loading Federated Models has been improved to be faster and more accurate

As Sherlayer is a fully cloud CDE, these updates will have been provisioned to you automatically, with zero downtime.

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