What Can Sherlayer Offer You?

Communication with your Clients

External Communication

Simple email style of sending out information both internally and externally.

Share 3D Models

Share with clients who can view and annotate 3D Models online.

Communications Log

Forward standard emails to Sherlayer Projects for save keeping.

Improved Design Control

Cloud-based control room

Manage all you files, folders and models in one simple, easy to use CDE.

Multi-Device Integration

Tablets, Mobile Phones, Desktops; Sherlayer runs on all devices allowing you to manage your project from anywhere.


Full visualisation of 3D models in federated or non-federated formats, as well as 2D models.

Improved Collaboration with Engineers

Auto Sync Files

When drawings are saved or updated on the desktop client they are automatically synchronized with the CDE with the appropriate parties notified.

Simple File Sharing

Send external emails and allow parties outside the CDE to view files as they exist in Sherlayer.

Third Party Upload

Our Free Third Party Upload Portal allows the creation of contributor accounts to allow third parties to upload straight to your CDE, hassle free

Connect With Us

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