Common Data Environment (CDE)

Gain a single source of information for your projects. Sherlayer connects your workflows, provides unlimited storage and enables BIM compliance.

Get control of your project data.

Tired of missing information or disparate systems disrupting your projects? Start managing your data on one, easy-to-use, platform.

Document Management

Secure project data, easily accessible with just a web browser, preserving a single source of truth for all stakeholders.

BIM & Non-BIM Projects

Whether it be a BIM or Non-BIM Project, Sherlayer is designed to manage both. A single platform for all your projects.

Undeletable Audit Trail

Transparency is key in construction. Our simple yet powerful audit trail ensures nothing is deleted or hidden from project managers.

Transform your construction projects with Sherlayer, your single source of information.

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Avoid document duplication

Avoid duplication and increase transparency by providing a centralised document file vault. Sherlayer’s file vault acts as a single source of truth for your project team and other stakeholders. Automatic version control can be configured to handle all versioning and revisioning of project files, with all history stored in our undeletable audit trail. Whether it be drawings, models, minutes and more.

Improved project collaboration

Empower your project teams and stakeholders to share, control and collaborate on files from anywhere, at any time. From the office, to home, to on-site. Sherlayer’s powerful security controls allow you to manage access to files based on user type and group ensuring subcontractors, clients and suppliers only get the information they need.

Enable BIM compliance

Utilise Sherlayer’s cloud-based Common Data Environment (CDE) to gain ISO 19650 compliance. Sherlayer’s BIM Projects, configurable during project set-up, enable support for the ISO 19650 standard. Files are imported, exported and displayed automatically using the standard BIM naming convention.

This standardised naming convention enables advanced searches for files by filtering by tags, automatic file-based approvals and centralising information for project stakeholders.

Protect your project data in the Cloud

Protect your project data by storing it in Sherlayer’s secure, cloud-based Common Data Environment. All data uploaded to Sherlayer is stored securely on Amazon’s AWS within the UK or EU (Can be specified) alongside a stringent disaster recovery plan. You can rest assured your data is properly secured.

3D IFC Model Viewer & Revit Integration

Sherlayer’s built-in IFC viewer allows different project teams to manage, view and explore 3D IFC models collaboratively. Our Revit integration allows you to connect your data and workflows with Sherlayer. Export & upload your drawings or sheets in one click straight from your design environment. Updated in-line with the latest Revit version releases you can choose to export to IFC, PDF, DWG, DXF, SAT, DWF, DWFx and DGN.

Automate existing processes

Automate existing processes within your operations and remove time-consuming manual tasks when certain actions are taken. Task tracking, title block amendments, discipline-based approval processes and more can be configured within Sherlayer, reducing bottlenecks and project delays.

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