Dynamic Drawing, Document & Audit Management for the Construction Industry

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One Product, One Price
No Hidden Fees

With Sherlayer there are no setup fees, cancellation fees, switching fees,
or complicated modules. Once you agree a price you get the full package

Did You Know?

We are up to 60% less expensive than our competitors

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Multi-Device Integration in the Cloud

Manage your projects on all your devices

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Tailored to your organisation, your industry.


Are you the client of a BIM project in need of a simple CDE to keep up to date with the project?

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Do you need a safe and secure way of sharing BIM projects with clients and other team members?

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 Do you need a simple, hassle free CDE to collaborate and share work throughout a BIM project?

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Tasked on a BIM project and in need of a CDE, that is simple and easy to integrate in to your business?

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Simple & Easy to Use

Sherlayer provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that requires no formal training. With Sherlayer, it has never been easier to manage your CDE.

Third Party Upload Portal

Our Free Third Party Upload Portal allows the creation of contributor accounts to allow third parties to upload straight to your CDE, cost free.

Affordable Pricing

At £14 per user/per month, Sherlayer is affordable and efficient providing you what you really need at a fraction of the price.

Desktop Client

Sherlayer’s Desktop Client is like using any other folder on your computer but the changes you make to your files automatically sync to Sherlayer in the cloud. The client automatically keeps your files in sync and backed up. No more manually uploading and downloading your files, saving you important time. Sherlayer’s Desktop Client runs on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

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Would you like to minimise changes to work flows, seamlessly integrate with internal and external project members and have a complete overview of your project on any device?

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Multi-Device Integration in the Cloud

Sherlayer on Mobile

Receive push notifications on all your projects – on the move.

Sherlayer on Desktop

Visualise, annotate and collaborate all within your browser.

Sherlayer on Tablet

Browse your files, models and communicate anywhere, any time.



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