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Members of a project team don’t always work in the same building, the same city or even the same country. So being able to share documents and collaborate, in real time, on an easy to use platform is vital. That’s why we developed Sherlayer. It’s a collaboration platform that works right in your web browser. With no software to download, centralised cloud storage, pay-as-you-go access and a simple user interface it means your team simply sign in and get sharing.

Sherlayer integrates multiple ways to communicate including instant messaging, push notifications and. To ensure compliance it creates an undeletable by recording, encrypting and storing all data in the UK or Ireland. But what makes it unique is the ability to view and explore 3D models collaboratively even if team members don’t have the original software used to create them. It can even generate fully interactive 3D PDFs for maximum accessibility.

Sherlayer is simplicity. Sherlayer is security. Sherlayer is communication. Let’s share.

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