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Create a new task

1) Go to your project > Click “Task”
2) Click “Create a new task”.or you can click “Create at the left-hand side of the page.

3) Enter the details of each section.
– Task  Recipients, you can search people by type in the recipient’s name.
– Task type, you can click down arrow to select a type.
– Subject,
fill in the subject of a task.– Task Details, fill in task details.

4) You can set the start and end date for a task. To do so by tick the “Specify a start/end date” box and set the date and time.

5) Click down arrow to set the priority of a task.

6) To attach the files to the task, Click “Attach a file” > Choose a file > Click “Attach file(s)”
7) Once complete everything, Click “Assign task” to send.