What Can Sherlayer Offer You?

Clear Accountability

Full Audit Trail

Sherlayer provides a full audit trail of all communications, tasks and file uploads & downloads

Extensive Search

Use search facilities to find old emails, files, models as well as file naming conventions with ease.

Nothing Is Deletable

No part of the audit trail or communications logs can be deleted. Full Transparency.

Manage your assets seamlessly

Simple Set-Up

Quick and easy set up for your assets including user permissions, roles, responsibilities etc.

Automatic Alerts

Both senders and recipients will receive alerts when a file has been received and viewed.

System Integration

Integrate Sherlayer within your internal systems seamlessly with no complications.

Embrace Digital Construction & Collaboration

Communications Log

All communications are saved and stored for future reference.

Third Party Upload

Our Free Third Party Upload Portal allows the creation of contributor accounts to allow third parties to upload straight to your CDE, hassle free

External Communications

Send external emails and allow parties outside the CDE to view files as they exist in Sherlayer.

Connect With Us

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