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BIM Standards (most recently ISO19650) state that a document’s Role determine its related discipline. For example, a role of A means the document is of an Architectural nature.

Documents can now be reviewed by specific people for their discipline (Role).

In step 5 of the project setup screen, the set of reviewers by default will cover “All Roles”.

You can add one or more discipline-based approvers by clicking the button on the top right of the “All Roles” approval group.

In the pop up you can define one or more roles and their reviewers. Reviewers can appear in more than one group, but roles cannot.

If there are custom role approval groups set up, the group at the bottom then covers “All other roles”.

Each set of roles and “all other” groups must have at least one reviewer defined to allow document approval to go smoothly for all disciplines within a project and there are no dead-locks.

Projects already set up with a generic list of reviewers will have them placed in the “All Roles” group automatically.

New role groups can be set up any time during the project.