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Staying up to date with important types of documents has never been easier!

During Step 2 of the project setup screen, User Groups can be associated with one or more Roles (e.g. Architect, Building Surveyor, Civil Engineer..)

From then on, all users within the group will be automatically notified of any new files which are uploaded or edited with that role. If the project has BIM Approval Process enabled, then alerts will also be sent out for when documents are successfully promoted.

These alerts are sent using both an internal Sherlayer Alert, in addition to an external Email Alert.

Sherlayer keeps track of users who click on the alert to open/download the file, in the Audit Trail, and all emails are automatically tracked for delivery, opens and clicks.

Individual files can be tagged with a role during upload:   Or in the file vault documents can be set with roles at any time:

Please note: The person uploading or updating the document will never receive an alert – this is to prevent any unnecessary emails / alerts from being sent out (the person uploading is already aware of the document).