April saw the following release of features and User Experience improvements:

  • If a user is in a Client group, they will no longer be given the option to upload new documents to S0, S1 or S2 – instead, their documents will be uploaded (and revised) to S3 by default
  • Favorite folders – Users can now set “favorite” folders which they can quickly navigate to at any time from a dropdown on the file vault button.
  • Titleblock Amendment Tasks – Can now be deleted either by an admin or by the task creator
  • UX Improvements:
    • More efficient approval process – sending files for approval, rejection and promotion now works a lot faster
    • Saved emails (for external communications) are now filtered per user and not per project
    • Opening annotations on a 3D model from an external communication (email) has now been optimized
    • Archived emails (forward into sherlayer) have now been optimized and work faster
    • Advanced Search has been slightly reworked to allow a greater combination of search options
    • Ghosted files (files with a newer version in Work In Progress) now show with the unavailable sign and greyed out.

Following on from this, Feature Pack 4.2 was released at the end of May:

  • New upload screen – The upload screen has been completely overhauled with a much nicer, more intuitive design. Support videos are also available if you need training on the new screen.
  • Titleblock Amendments now work with multiple documents needing amendment on one task
  • BIM File Number usage – now BIM File Numbers can be reused across files of different tag combinations i.e. originator, volume, level, role, document type.
  • After doing an advanced search, users can now edit files which they would normally have access to
  • Moving files between folders now moves all previous versions currently sitting in that folder
  • File paths are now displayed when doing an advanced search by clicking the Vew More Information link for a given file
  • For password-protected Excel (and other Office) files, you will now be given the option to download the file instead of viewing
  • Moving files can now be done by Information Manager, instead of just admins
  • UX Improvements:
    • Client groups can now upload to Shared without specific privileges to Work In Progress
    • Rework of emails regarding files sent for approval – emails have been made more generic in order to allow faster processing for the end user
    • Alerts have been reworked to be more efficient and load faster

As Sherlayer is a fully cloud CDE, these updates will have been provisioned to you automatically, with zero downtime.