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Many companies have a ‘template’ project with a bare-bones folder structure and set of files which are copied over when a new project begins.

When creating a new project, you may import settings from an existing project:

  1.  This drop down list is used to choose an existing project to import settings from. This will import the following:
    1. User groups including project members, group area permissions and roles for document alerts.
    2. Folder Structure (not including permissions)
    3. Approval Process (if you have enabled the Approval Process option in step 1.
  2. The “Import Files” option, when turned on, will also import all the files from the project selected on the drop down list.
    Please note:


    1. Files will be tagged with the first originator set up on the project
    2. File names will be copied exactly where possible
    3. IFC files will not be copied over to the new project