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When raw emails are sent out from Sherlayer, there are a variety of statuses that they may pass through:

  • Send – The email is currently in the process of being sent to the recipient’s mail server.
  • Delivery – The email has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s mail server.
  • Open – The recipient received the email and opened it in his or her email program.
  • Click – The recipient clicked one or more links contained in the email.
  • Reject – The email was not sent to the recipient’s mail server because it contained a virus.
  • Bounce – The recipient’s mail server permanently rejected the email. This event corresponds to hard bounces. Soft bounces are only included when Sherlayer fails to deliver the email after retrying for a period of time.
  • Complaint – The email was successfully delivered to the recipient. The recipient marked the email as spam.

You can learn about the different types of email in Sherlayer here.

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