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The Project Overruns (Tasks) section on Sherlayer’s advanced dashboard allows end-users to quickly see the number of overdue tasks for each project they are a part of. This helps users stay on top of their project deadlines, ensuring that everything is completed on time.

When users access the Project Overruns (Tasks) section, users will see a list of all the projects that they are currently working on. Next to each project name, users will see the number of overdue tasks that need to be completed. This makes it easy to see which projects require the most attention. Please note, admin users have the ability to exclude particular projects from being displayed. To do so navigate to settings, manage dashboard, manage project performance and select the projects that should be excluded. 

Additionally, the end user can filter the list of tasks by type. This allows users to see which types of tasks are overdue, making it easier to prioritize your workload. For example, if there are a lot of design-related tasks that are overdue, users can focus on completing those tasks first. To filter click the filter button at the top right and this will allow users to filter by task type.